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Buffalo Medical Taxi Transportation provides a safe Medicaid transportation to your doctor, your regular shopping with highly licensed trained professional driver. Buffalo Medical Taxi provides Non-Emergency Medical Transportation in Buffalo NY. We have transportation options that can accommodate a wide range of people and circumstances. We are able to assist, and we simply have one policy: “No One is Left Behind.”

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Caring for your loved ones

Buffalo Medical Cab a Medicaid Cab Buffalo NY

We’re available 24/7 to take clients wherever they want to go. You can use our Transportation Medicaid Taxi on a daily basis to go to the grocery store, places of worship, shopping, or any other usual activity. 

They explain what we do, how we do it, and what counts in our business culture by describing our most significant characteristics. Our patients, families, and facility partners benefit from our exceptional Non Medical Transportation Cab options and personalized service.

A group of skilled transportation service providers from Buffalo Medical Taxi Transportation give first-rate help for patients’ non-emergent visits to doctors and medical facilities of all stripes. Pick-up and drop-off services to and from clinics, rehabilitation centers, specialized treatment centers, imaging centers, diagnostic centers, laboratories, pharmacies, assisted living facilities, nursing homes, and other locations are all included in our non-emergency medical transportation service.

Non Emergency Transport

Medicaid Transportation at Your Excellence

We offer non-emergency medical transportation services in Orlando to individuals or groups, including the elderly, handicapped, and disabled. Some patients may require professional and ongoing medical care, such as routine clinical checkups or physical therapy in and around Buffalo, NY. We also cater to these.

Some of these appointments may fall during working hours, which means that the patient’s relatives may not be available to drive them to their destination or may not have the necessary vehicle to transport them to receive treatment. In these cases, Buffalo Medical Taxi is only a phone call away to meet your non-emergency medical transportation needs and ensure you don’t miss any appointments.

Buffalo Medical Taxi provides non-emergency medical transportation in Buffalo, New York, and the surrounding areas. It is our responsibility to transport our Western New York clients safely and comfortably to and from their medical appointments, whether they be doctor’s visits, dialysis treatments, or hospital discharges.

We are a well-rounded business that caters to a wide range of patient needs, including elderly and disability transportation, medical visits, and transportation to dialysis and rehab centers.

We’ll help you get a ride

Going to the doctor, an outpatient clinic, a rehab center, a nursing home, a VA hospital, a dentist, or anything else you require; a professional driver will meet you and ensure you arrive safely and comfortably, and will wait for you or return to pick you up at your leisure. We want you to feel as if you have your own car and chauffeur, allowing you to concentrate on running your errands as comfortably as possible.

Buffalo Medical Taxi

Best Medical Transportation at Your Service


Buffalo Medicaid Taxi is a Medicaid non-emergency Medical & Medicaid Transportation provider in Buffalo NY. We are a State approved provider for non-emergency medical transportation for Medicaid clients in Erie county located in Buffalo NY. If you are a Medicaid beneficiary and are looking for a reliable and safe Medicaid Transportation and would like to schedule a ride with Transportation Medicaid Taxi, call Medical Transportation Management  and request Medicaid Transportation.

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Wheelchair transport services Buffalo NY

Medicaid Transportation at Buffalo Ny

Getting around as we age isn’t as easy as it once was. You can, however, continue to do whatever you want with some modifications. Getting out of the house and around town now requires a slightly different approach than before. You can get to your destination using modern transportation equipment and services.

When you need to see a doctor, it can be difficult to find one. There are many non-emergency medical transportation options available to help you get the care you need.

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Wheelchair transport services

Erie County Medical Transportation in Wheelchair.

People who are bound to wheelchairs or are unable to walk on their own can benefit from wheelchair transport services.

Our crew, chauffeurs, and fleet of premium, cutting-edge vehicles will ensure that you have the best, most comfortable ride to your location in Buffalo, New York (or anywhere in the Western New York area). When you deal with us on your transportation needs, we make sure you arrive at your destination securely as well as getting you where you need to go. Our commitment to accessibility means that we won’t simply leave you at the door. You or a loved one will be personally escorted by one of our courteous staff members.

Non emergency Wheelchair transport services

Buffalo NY Medicaid Transportation in Wheelchair

No matter what kind of medical treatment you need—a checkup with a doctor in Cedartown, a trip to an outpatient clinic in Buffalo NY, a trip to see family in Erie County, a personal errand in Temple, or a social outing with friends —we are happy to assist you. Give us a call, request a FREE, no-obligation estimate, and we’ll guarantee that after you’ve used Western New York Non Emergency Medical Transport, you’ll never look for another transport service again! We guarantee that we’ll take you safely to your destination and return if you save our number.

Our Service

What Service We Offer

Long-distance medical transportation services are provided by Buffalo Medical Transport Services. Our Buffalo Medicaid Taxi Buffalo NY is dedicated to delivering its valued customers with high-quality, comfortable, reliable, and inexpensive long-distance non-emergency medical transportation.

Point to Point Service

We give point to point buffalo NY non Emergency medicaid Transportation with a special care and service to our clients, residents comfort and love ones throughout the Buffalo NY and surrounding areas. At MY Transportation Medicaid Taxi, we perform our job to ensure that our clients trip will be as safe and pleasant as possible.

Local Medicaid Taxi

Our Van transportation services are very comfortable and perfect for clients in stable condition recovering from long-term medical sickness and need Medicaid Taxi to another local facility, hospice, or home. Our Medicaid Taxi is very reliable, simple and efficient among other Taxi provider in Buffalo NY

Long Distance Trip

Medicaid Taxi provides professional long distance Medicaid Transportation services for Medicaid approved clients in Buffalo NY or surrounding areas. From your pick-up to your destination drop off point, our Buffalo Taxi driver makes sure our clients reached safely to their healthcare facility.

24 Hours Booking

At BUF Medicaid Taxi we do our job very simple to order and be able to utilize our Medicaid transportation service 24 hours.

7 Days a Week

We never sleep, we provide our medical transportation services across Buffalo NY and surrounding areas 7 days a week. Call now for Taxi limo Service , and Limousine service information.

No Appointment Necessary

At Buffalo Medicaid Taxi you don’t need to have any appointment, so long as you are medicaid approved client we will give you the service anytime without pre-arrangement.

“I required a trip to and from the hospital for surgery the other day and was provided with the most excellent, compassionate, and competent drivers due to On Time. Thank you for providing such high-quality, heartfelt service.”

Izaac Mcbride

Why Choose Us

We Take Care All Your Needs

We’ve been trained to provide Medicaid Transportation Services Buffalo NY that’s safe, dependable, and on schedule.

Our wheelchair transport and non-emergency medical services at Buffalo Medical Transportation are tailored to each client’s specific needs based on their level of disability. Our drivers are highly trained professionals who take pride in providing safe, courteous, and timely wheelchair transport and non-emergency transportation services.

 Our committed caring drivers will go above and beyond to assist you to make that happen for you. In need of Medicaid Taxi should be your first choice. We provide Buffalo Airport taxi from Buffalo Airport to anywhere in Buffalo NY.


The most popular kind of service is ambulatory transportation. It is designed for people who can walk without the aid of a device or who only require minimal help.


In addition, stretcher medical transport is available for patients who have back problems or are unable to sit upright.

Expert Team

Customer service representatives and drivers at Medicaid Transportation Buffalo NY strives to exceed industry standards, and it shows.


Best Medicaid Taxi you can relay on

We’ve been trained to provide medical transportation that’s safe, dependable, and on schedule.

Transportation Medicaid Taxi  provides a reliable and professional Taxi  and limo ride for patients who need transportation assistance getting to and from their doctor hospital appointments. Any health care provider can book a ride for patients who is eligible to Medicaid immediately, within a few hours.

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Serving the Buffalo NY Metro area Long-distance Medicaid transportation is available  to schedule your appointment and to get important information how to use our Taxi Service. Buffalo Medical Taxi is partnered with Atlanta STD Testing LaboratoryTampa TaxiDc taxi Service


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You might be dealing with a medical issue that requires regular or infrequent medical attention, such as dealing with knee, hip, or leg surgery, or travelling from one medical facility to another, prior to or following an operation, necessitating the need of specialist transportation.

Buffalo Transportation Medicaid Taxi driver is more than happy to accompany the client during their appointments by waiting with them at the doctor’s office to obtaining needed information.  The driver will stay with you all the time till you finish the trip

My experience with Buffalo Medicaid Taxi Transportation was wonderful and a pleasant. I have been using this Medicaid Taxi Service for a while now and never been disappointed. The driver was nice, professional, and very caring. I highly recommend Buffalo Medicaid Taxi Transportation for anyone who is looking for a reliable Medicaid Transportation in Buffalo NY.

    Luciano Ferry


    I am a Senior Citizen, living at a Buffalo Senior facility for the past 15 years, and I have an occasion should call on Buffalo Medicaid Taxi Transportation. I have been using their service quite long time now, and They have never let me down with their service. They are courteous, thoughtful, kind, and make a very trying situation bearable.

      Alya Allison

      CEO Bciaga

      We always receive great amazing Medicaid transportation service in Buffalo NY. Buffalo Medicaid Taxi is always on time

        Trevor Hart


        We always receive great amazing Medicaid transportation service in Buffalo NY. Buffalo Medicaid Taxi is always on time for my grandma. The crews are always super professional. We are so grateful for Buffalo Medicaid Taxi transportation.

          Donald Hunter


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          Transportation Medicaid Taxi  concentrate on in non-emergency Buffalo Taxi Medicaid Transportation for healthy individuals and for those with special needs. We Serve all ages from infants to elderly. From a trip to your doctor appointment or to your hospital checkup or holiday shopping or even going to your nearby pharmacy, we’re there. We’re available 24/7 to take clients wherever they want to go.