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Needs a Best Buffalo Medicaid Transportation??

Our skilled team of drivers and patient care technicians is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week for all of your patient transport needs. We provide ambulatory and wheelchair-bound individuals with assisted transportation for a variety of needs!

Who We Are

Our Unique Services

Common Destinations:

  • Transportation to and from medical appointments
  • Assisted transportation following hospital discharge
  • Transportation services for adult family homes and senior citizen centers
  • Airport for elderly and disabled citizens
  • Assisted transportation for shopping, dining, and personal errands
  • Medical transportation support for special events
  • Transport home from outpatient surgery
  • Travel to and from family gatherings

Thank you for arranging transportation for my folks on Saturday. According to all accounts, everything went off without a hitch.



    Is there somebody at your company to whom I can express my gratitude for your amazing contribution to making this happen? I believe you and your organization deserve extra credit for the outstanding teamwork, communication, and knowledge you and your organization displayed today.


      CEO Bciaga

      Everything went smoothly; Tesefaye (I'm not sure if that's the exact spelling) was fantastic; he was quite professional and made me feel secure. My spouse and I were both blown away by him and Unique Hands. Thank you very much.



        What Service We Offer

        At Buffalo Medical Taxi Transport, we understand how difficult it can be to overcome barriers to receiving necessary healthcare. We understand how personal this process is for you, whether you are seeking care for yourself or a loved one. We've made it our mission to help people like you overcome those obstacles by offering low-cost, no-hassle services that anyone can use. We are here to fill the gaps in your healthcare routine, and we are confident that you will notice a difference in our caring, personalized approach to non-emergency medical transportation. From the first phone call until you arrive at your destination, we will always treat you and your loved ones with respect.

        Non-Emergency Long Distance Patient Transportation

        Non-Emergency Long Distance Patient Transportation

        At Buffalo Medicaid Transportation we specialize in handicapped transportation because we believe it is essential and very important to focus on our goal and mission to be the best long distance handicapped Buffalo  Medicaid Taxi Transport service in the Buffalo NY. We strive to meet this mission by servicing long distance handicapped Medicaid transports of around 200 miles or more. Contact us today for more info.

        We realized a long time ago that a lack of infrastructure and service providers immobilized wheelchair patients and those in need of ambulatory care. It’s ironic, in our opinion, that the people who need medical care the most are unable to obtain it because they are confined to their beds or wheelchairs.

        Our mission and goal is to bridge the gap that prevents you from receiving the best medical care possible whenever you need it, as is your right. With these values and mission in mind, we provide a premium medical transportation service you can rely on to get you wherever you need to go, whenever you need to go.

        Long Distance Disabled Transportation

        Long Distance Disabled Transportation

        We are your best choice Medicaid Taxi Transportation Service in Buffalo NY because we specialize in long and short distance Medicaid transportation of elderly persons with a wide range of medical situation and conditions.

        We’ve spent years in the community, learning about your needs and developing a service that prioritizes you above all else. Our drivers are trained and certified to provide you with the care you require as you travel throughout Buffalo NY in complete comfort and without fear. Each of our employees has years of experience caring for patients in wheelchairs and has received extensive training in wheelchair care from some of the region’s most prestigious medical institutions. Our wheelchair van fleet is one of the largest in Buffalo, and we outfit it with the most up-to-date navigation hardware and safety features so you can travel without worry.

        Our Buffalo Medical Transportation is a premium handicap medical transportation service dedicated to increasing access to healthcare. We provide a one-of-a-kind service to all Buffalo, NY residents who require assistance in obtaining medical care. We are private medical van transportation service providers who take full responsibility for ensuring that you arrive on time for all of your medical appointments.

        Non-emergency Hospital Visits

        Non-emergency Hospital Visits

        Buffalo Medical Taxi Transportation understands how stressful it can be to coordinate rides for medical appointments. We make every effort to make it as simple as possible for you, your loved ones, or patients to get to and from medical appointments. If you need safe and dependable transportation for medical appointments, request the best. Request Suburban Transportation. Want to learn more or book a ride? Please contact us right away. 
        Our Buffalo Medical Transportation would like to provide you with a Class A non-medical transportation service that will meet your requirements. Our commitment to providing dependable, safe, and compassionate non-emergency transportation for the elderly and disabled in the Buffalo NY metropolitan areas drives our sense of purpose.
        Our goal is to provide wheelchair accessible vehicles, whether as part of a cortege or as a separate vehicle, to make a significant difference in your travel needs. There is no reason for a wheelchair user to struggle in and out of their chair, in my opinion. They can get to the funeral via a ramp or lift while remaining comfortable in their wheelchair. We provide a chauffeur-driven vehicle to accompany you on your journey as an escort.
        We can take you to:
        • Dialysis
        • Radio/chemotherapy
        • Hospital procedures
        • Hospital discharge
        • Nursing home discharge
        • Physical therapy
        • Family special events
        Non Emergency Medical Transportation
        Non Emergency Hospital Discharge Transportation

        We are a leading service provider for hospitals and individuals who require professional patient transport following hospital discharge. If you are a patient who has been in the hospital for an extended period of time, the last thing you should be concerned about is how to get home. Buffalo Medical Taxi  has a variety of vehicles that can handle various types of hospital discharges. Do you require the use of a wheelchair or stretcher? We have a large fleet of vehicles that can assist with both.

        Buffalo Medical Transportation offers dependable medical transportation to people of all ages. You, your family, and your patients all deserve the best. Enjoy the convenience of safe and secure transportation from a trusted provider in Central New York and Albany. Are you curious about

        It is very essential for every patient to attend their scheduled for dialysis session to be able to receive the necessary treatment or medication. Our professional Medicaid Taxi drivers are dedicated to making sure that patients will arrive at the facilities and the dialysis center without any delays. We offer a very convenient fleet of wheelchair accessible Vans and taxis.

        We’ve worked as medical transportation service providers long enough to understand the difficulties that ambulatory and wheelchair patients face. Many of our clients tell us that they feel they are losing control of their lives and are frustrated as a result of their condition. In these situations, you don’t need someone to tell you what to do, but rather someone who will do everything you ask of them as soon as you ask. With this in mind, our services are designed to minimize your inconvenience while also providing a mode of transportation that allows you to choose how you want to live your life. As a result of these factors, we are extremely punctual, fully accommodating of your needs, and our drivers are well-trained.

        Patient Medical Transportation to any Hospitals in Erie county.

        Transportation for Medical Appointment

        Do you, a loved one, or a patient require assistance getting to and from medical appointments? When it comes to medical appointments, Suburban Transportation is the way to go. We can transport you to and from medical appointments in Upstate New York and Albany.

        We have the most extensive fleet of specially equipped vehicles in the area. If you can accommodate individuals with special needs, you should have a fully equipped fleet of vehicles that can accommodate patients who require the assistance of wheelchairs and stretchers. Suburban Transportation is pleased to serve the Buffalo New York community and passengers of all ages.

        At Buffalo Medicaid Transportation we specialize in handicapped transportation because we believe it is essential and very important to focus on our goal and mission to be the best long distance handicapped Buffalo  Medicaid Taxi Transport service in the Buffalo NY. We strive to meet this mission by servicing long distance handicapped Medicaid transports of around 200 miles or more. Contact us today for more info.

        Going through chemotherapy or physical therapy is never a pleasant experience, and you may require the services of specialists who can accommodate your needs while traveling. Most cars are either not designed to accommodate the installation of secure wheelchair harnesses or do not have enough space to allow you to lie down while recovering from the experience. Buffalo Medical Transportation provides high-quality patient medical transportation via wheelchair vans to and from doctor’s appointments, ensuring safe and comfortable transportation.

        Long Distance Elderly Transport

        Long Distance Elderly Transport

        Did you know that Buffalo Medical Taxi has an excellent fleet of medicars, wheelchair VANs, mini-buses, and sedans available for any type of transfer you require? When you need to get to the airport, a doctor’s appointment, a social outing, or just a simple point-to-point transfer, you can count on us to make your wheelchair accessible car service near you a reality.

        Remember, you hired us to get you there as quickly and as comfortably as possible, and that’s exactly what you’ll get!

        Working with care facilities, nursing homes, and dialysis centers to coordinate their patients’ travels accounts for a significant portion of our business. Carolina Custom Transportation provides ongoing transportation solutions to admissions coordinators, social workers, and case managers.

        Medical professionals value the ease of scheduling and referring safe and dependable transportation, which allows patients and caregivers to stay on schedule. Carolina Custom Transportation is prepared to handle all types of non-emergency transportation.

        As your transportation for seniors of choice, let us assist you with:

        • Doctor’s appointments and therapy sessions
        • Medical testing and procedures
        • Hairdresser or barber appointments
        • Visits with friends and family
        • Religious services, lectures, plays, concerts
        • Weddings & Birthdays parties
        • Graduations & Reunions
        • Drop off /pick up dry cleaning & prescriptions
        • Grocery shopping

        Every life has a purpose, beauty, and value, no matter how severe its disability; with a team of dedicated, well-informed staff, even the most difficult moments become challenges. With the assistance of our professional Buffalo Medical Taxi team and properly equipped types of non-emergency medical transportation Buffalo nearby, your ride will not only be tailored to your medical needs, but it will also be comfortable, safe, and dependable.

        Why Choose Us

        We Take Care All Your Needs

        Buffalo Medical Transport’s objective is to make a positive difference in the lives of our patients, staff, and the communities we serve.

        Outpatient Procedures

        We provide sedan transportation for routine outpatient procedures with driver sign out and wheelchair van transports. We also offer wait and return services for an additional fee.

        Transport Services For Wheelchair Users

        Our wheelchair transportation service is ideal for non-ambulatory passengers traveling to and from doctor's appointments, as well as any other general travel needs the patient may have. Our wheelchair transport vehicles include, in addition to the features listed for our ambulatory fleet:

        Transportation Services for Ambulatory

        If you or a loved one can walk with assistance, sit upright for the duration of the ride, and safely transfer in and out of a passenger vehicle (with or without assistance), then our ambulatory medical transportation fleet is the best option for you.