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Buffalo Medical Taxi

About us – We are a Buffalo  Medical and Medicaid Transportation provider founded on 2016 which offers exceptional Non-Emergency Medicaid Transportation Including, Local and Long Distance safe Medical Transportation service. You can utilize  MY Transportation on a daily basis to go to the grocery store, places of worship, shopping, or any other usual activity. 

We make it easy for patients to get to their medical appointments. It is advantageous for transferring underprivileged people and removing transportation barriers. This reduces the symptoms of chronic diseases and saves money by avoiding missed medical appointments. Non-emergency medical transportation is a mode of travel for patients who do not require immediate medical attention. They’ll most likely need a mode of transportation that doesn’t entail driving a car.


Medicaid Transportation for Patients

Buffalo Medical Taxi

Perhaps you are fully mobile and only require safe, dependable transportation to and from medical appointments. Perhaps you are wheelchair-bound or have other special needs that necessitate additional assistance in getting to your doctor’s appointments. Our highly trained drivers may be able to assist you. We’ll get you to your destination in North Carolina. All drivers are trained in CPR and first aid, ensuring your safety throughout the ride.

  • Medical Appointment Transport
  • Dialysis Transportation
  • Facility to Facility Transfer
  • Hospital Discharges
  • Long Distance Travel
  • Wheelchair Accessible Transportation
  • Pharmacy Pick Up
  • Outpatient Procedures
  • Physical Therapy
  • Wound Center
  • Imaging Appointments
  • Dental Appointments
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Needs a Best Place for Your Old Age?

‘No wheelchair or stretcher user is left behind’ with our number one customer service pleasure and peace of mind! It’s no surprise that our clients continue to choose us for their medical transportation needs.

About Us

Why You Choose US?

At  Buffalo Medical Taxi, we try to do everything within our power to upscale and ensure that your transportation needs will be as comfortable and pleasant  as possible.  MY Transportation provides a prompt, very courteous, and dependable transportation Taxi service in Buffalo NY. Serving Buffalo NY and surrounding area is an honor for us.

Medical transportation is critical for anyone’s overall health, especially the sick, physically disabled, and old. The availability of secure, pleasant, and dependable transportation services has an impact on a person’s capacity to receive proper medical care and attention, as well as meet their basic necessities.

We were quite fortunate to come across your company. Everyone I spoke with was able to address all of my questions, big and small. The office personnel was quite nice and seemed to genuinely care about their customers. My parents were difficult to deal with, but Chris was really understanding. Allowing the passengers to ride forward is my only suggestion. The trip became increasingly unpleasant for them as they rode rearward. Thank you very much!!!

    Luciano Ferry


    People who are both professional and kind. My mother and I were treated as if we were relatives. In a heartbeat, I'd use them again. Thank you for taking care of my mother.

      Roma Russel

      CEO Bciaga

      I am the patient's daughter, and I travelled in the medical transport vehicle with him. From the beginning of our voyage to the end, the Buffalo medical Taxi  professionals, were great. They were professional and kind throughout. Thank you for arranging transportation for my father to get to my house.

        Davidr Leins


        The guys made an otherwise unpleasant journey bearable and fun. Mom requested a cookie, so they went at a convenience store and got her one. They are someone I would suggest to everyone.

          Lynda Davidson


          The customer service did an excellent job of communicating with me regarding the set up, hours, and equipment. Thank you to everyone.

            Alford Taylor


            My father received excellent service and care. He landed at Washington, D.C., in good health and contentment. For my 92-year-old father, I could not have asked for better care. Thank you very much.

              Keith Moody


              Who We Are

              Why you need a Medicaid Cab?

              Patients need to be able to travel to healthcare facilities quickly in an emergency. Vehicles that are not designed to transport patients with specific requirements can sometimes cause more harm than good. Transportation is a significant aspect that has an impact on health. Some patients may be put off by the distance from appropriate healthcare. Due to distance, appointments are frequently missed, resulting in health problems. Patients’ overall well-being can be improved by better transportation to healthcare facilities.

              Our Team

              Expert Team

              Buffalo Medical Taxi mission

              At Buffalo Medical Taxi provides a Buffalo Medical Transportation Taxi Service specializes is non-emergency medical hospital transportation for clients. Our goal is to maintain a top level of medical transportation care for our clients throughout the transportation experience in Erie County. Our hospital transportation services are comprehensive encompassing thorough care in the entire transport process in Buffalo NY and the surrounding areas.

              Our trained drivers can pick you up from your residence or care facility using wheelchair accessible vans. You are welcome to bring a companion. Once we've safely delivered you to your destination, we'll depart for other riders and return at an agreed-upon time to return you home. If you would like us to wait for you at your appointment, we can do so for a fee, but we must be notified in advance. Our patient medical transportation services help you regain control of your daily life. Being reliant on friends and family to get to your appointments can be difficult to coordinate, and the peace of mind that comes with knowing you have a backup plan is invaluable.

              buffalo medicaid cab

              Medical Transportation for Patients

              Reliable, Accessible Transportation

              To lead the local community in providing caring, compassionate services in a timely and dependable manner, while treating each client with total respect and dignity.

              Buffalo Medical Taxi Medical Transport was founded to serve the aging and disabled members of our community by providing non-emergency medical transportation in Erie County and the surrounding areas. We specialize in long-distance transportation in and around Buffalo, NY. We are proud to offer our services to the individuals and families we serve, ensuring that they have access to safe and convenient transportation.

              Because we understand the difficulties that your loved ones face when using traditional modes of transportation, we are here to provide them with accommodating rides as well as drivers who prioritize their overall safety and well-being. As a result, with us behind the wheel, your loved ones can go to their medical or non-medical appointments without worry.