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According to an AARP (American Association of Retired Persons) survey, more than 80% of respondents prefer to stay in their homes and communities for as long as possible. Many senior citizens nowadays, often reluctantly, end up transitioning into a senior care facility. While you are likely aware of the underlying need to remain in the comfort of your own home for as long as possible, you may struggle while caring for your loved ones. Try some of these suggestions to assist your favorite senior in aging in place.

Plan Activities With Others

Involving your loved one in more recreational and social activities is the best way to make them feel included and keep them active. Invite your senior loved one to an outing to watch your daughter’s school recital or a picnic in the park so they do not feel isolated. Furthermore, physical activities can assist your loved one in remaining fit and healthy for as long as possible. Simply put, it is critical to let your loved ones know they are always welcome to join you in sharing the joys of everyday life.

Take Charge of Your Healthcare

Seek out geriatric health information and conduct regular checks on the health of your senior loved one to ensure you are always prepared to care for them. If they have a chronic illness, collaborate with their primary care team to develop a long-term plan to manage their condition.


Underlying health issues can worsen with age, limiting mobility and social interaction. This can have a direct impact on your senior loved one’s physical and mental health. Consult with their care team if they have noticed any behavioral changes or are having difficulty with daily tasks. Many problems in old age necessitate medical intervention in addition to ‘daily’ interactions and problem-solving.

Consider Contemporary Options

Installing a personal emergency response system in your loved one’s home is one of the best ways to ensure their safety and security at all times. However, as medical technology advances, a new generation of cutting-edge tools is now available to help your senior loved one get help when they need it.


A variety of tools are available in technology-enhanced healthcare to help you manage your loved one’s personal health. PERS’s latest iterations include a slew of useful and high-tech sensors for fall detection, heart rate and blood pressure monitoring, and other daily life sensors. These will notify you and their care team if there are any significant changes in their health or behavior pattern.

Regular visits

Regular visits to your senior loved one can have a positive impact on their life. Don’t leave too much time between visits! Spend as much time as you can with them, whether it’s for dinner, small talk on the porch, or simply saying ‘hi’ when you happen to be in their neighborhood.


Old age makes it very easy to become socially isolated, especially if they have mobility issues. If your senior loved one becomes depressed, their health may deteriorate and worsen. By paying regular visits to your favorite senior, you can monitor their health and ensure they are well cared for.

Purchase Long-Term Care Insurance

Given that Medicare does not cover ongoing long-term care, you should seriously consider purchasing long-term care insurance. These plans assist in covering the costs of caring for your senior loved ones that are typically not covered by standard health insurance or Medicare. When additional assistance is required, you can even consider hiring a caregiver to care for them at home.

Seek Assistance

You should never be afraid to seek professional assistance or advice; after all, the well-being of your senior loved ones is critical. Buffalo Medical Taxi Transport can assist you if you require medical transportation or want to ensure that your senior loved ones arrive on time for doctor appointments and other treatments. We offer wheelchair assistance, stretchers, and door-to-door pickup and drop-off services to ensure your loved ones have a safe and comfortable ride to their destination.

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