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Buffalo Medicaid transportation

To seek non-emergency transportation services, the Medicaid recipient’s medical practitioner or the patient must contact a transportation manager at LogistiCare or MAS.

For non-emergency transportation, the New York State Department of Health needs three days’ notice. Despite the fact that transportation firms like LogistiCare and MAS make every effort to organize transportation services with less than three days’ notice, transportation alternatives are limited as transportation service providers fill up their daily rosters.

This request for transportation is deemed an urgent priority and is not subject to the 3-day advance-notice rule if there is an urgent need for transportation or if a Medicaid patient is being discharged from the hospital.


When a Medicaid enrollee phones to seek transportation, the transportation manager responds.

Healthcare is one of the most important aspects of a society, and it is necessary for every sector of the population. Disabled folks, senior citizens, and people who are unable to drive or use public transportation may all require healthcare but face significant transportation issues. When a person needs to see a doctor but is unable to go without assistance, transit issues can cause anxiety and tension.

Buffalo Medicaid Taxi is the company to call if you live in any of the WNY counties and need trustworthy medical non-emergency transportation. Contact (M.A.S.) at 1-800-651-7040 to arrange a medical travel. Make a point of asking for Buffalo Medicaid Taxi as your ground transportation option. Travel in comfort with the greatest Western New York taxi service.

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